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This course has been proposed as an introduction to the calculation of scantlings of ship structures.

It is not, at all, a treaty of resistance of materials but a direct application to the scantling of ships.

It aims to remember the general principles necessary to define the most suitable structure for the project vessel and, once it has been defined, calculate the thicknesses, inertial modules, etc. of its elements.

Scantling a ship consists of:

* 1. Define the composition of the structure

* 2. Calculate the elements that compose it

The calculation of the elements can be done in two ways :

* 1. carrying out direct calculations of the various elements, for which a thorough knowledge of the resistance of materials is needed,


* 2. Applying formulas that different organisms offer us.

The course follows this second path so only some basic ideas, necessary to carry out the scantling and to make the corresponding plans of the structure, will be explained; what is normally understood by "plan of scantlings".

Some of the concepts presented can be very obvious for the experienced calculator but we think it is convenient to expose them to set general criteria and explain why some things that are necessary when calculating the structure, even though they are not directly related to their "resistance",

The SCT software is used as a calculation tool. This program follows step by step the indications and formulas of ISO 12215, in many, not all, of its chapters. Although it tries to solve the doubts that the user may have about said norm, it is very important to have it on hand or to know the norm briefly. Consultations may be necessary to it.

The SCT software has the following modules:

- Definition of materials.

- Scantling for fiber, wood and metal hulls (ISO 12215-5)

- Analysis of tensions in the laminate layers for panels and reinforcements

- Structural details (ISO 12215-6).

* Protective keel

* Protective Stem

* Protective knuckles

* Mirror that supports the engine

* Main engine bed

* Analysis of the longitudinal resistance: Main Section module, Deck.

* Calculation of rudders (ISO 12215-8)

- Masts and rigging.

- Calculation of continuous beams

Boats Scantlings ISO 12215-5 (contac us for prices and more details)

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