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T.A.N., S.L. is a specialized technical office in the naval sector, directed therefore, to Shipyards, Independent Professionals and other T.O., providing economic solutions, but technologically advanced, to the many problems of this industry

To carry out its work we had to develop various applications in order to compete on quality, time and price with other companies with the most advanced CAD / CAM systems.

We currently have a portfolio enabling to undertake many of the calculations and typical jobs in the shipbuilding industry and we are always in development of new products and improving existing ones.

These are programs developed by and for designers of naval engineering department for personal with more practical knowledge than computer experience.

To reduce costs and gain in effectiveness and quality, we have capitalized on existing applications, systems design, databases, file editors, etc.. that had been generated by experts in each field. Windows and object-directed programming have enabled our applications do and organize what is strictly marine, and ask other existing applications to take care of other aspects. So our programs consist of:

Calculation module or control by TAN S.L.Module Drawing: AutoCADText Editor: MS WordFiles in general: all binary editable Windows facilitiesUser interface and help systems: the usual Windows.

This also allows for upgrade to new technologies, adapting to the latest developments in the software market.

AutoDesk, admitting the interest of our developments, has recognized TAN s.l. as AutoCAD Authorized Developers, a name that only 35 other companies in Spain have been achieved, and we are the only one specialized in ship building.

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